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Why switch from ShakeBugs to Gleap?

You’re looking for a complete customer feedback tool that works for both your app and web projects? We’ve got your back!

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Integrate easily in minutes on mobile and web apps


Console & network logs

Sometimes console and network logs contain all the secrets. Never miss the important information when a bug happens.


Environment data

Gain insight into the browser, device, and operating system a user was using when a problem arose. Developers will appreciate the comprehensive bug reports.

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Visual feedback

Replay video

Gleap delivers a 60-second replay of a user's actions prior to generating a report, giving you a clear view of what the user experienced. Say goodbye to the frustration of attempting to recreate bugs.

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Automated outbound marketing messaging
Visual feedback

Capture feedback visually

Report bugs clearly with annotated screenshots. Highlight issue locations and provide context for faster resolution.

Detailed bug reports

Know exactly how and why a bug happened

Receive comprehensive reports complete with screenshots, live replays, and essential metadata with every submission.

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Automated outbound marketing messaging

Capture feedback visually

If screenshots and video replays were not enough, users can draw and select exactly where the bug is.

Easy, no-code setup

Simply drop a single script tag into your websites header and stay on top of bugs faster than ever.

Save time and money

Boost your efficiency by 40% with comprehensive bug reports. No longer do you need to rely on exchanging emails with your users.

Streamline your workflow with seamless integration to your favorite tools.

Ship reports with all our Gleap data to your tool. No more interruptions to your development lifecycle.

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Hear what our customers say.

“Gleap is the perfect tool for agencies to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects go smoothly and clients love the shaking gesture to report bugs.”

Théo Hudry
CEO, Minuit Agency

“Gleap team’s super-fast turnaround time on delivering new feature requests, creates a winning and indispensable combination for the elimination of errors from your code.”

Martin Hardman
Transaction Network Services

“Gleap was implemented within minutes and it is now an essential part of our development process. Gleap helps us to fix bugs in no time and build real customer relationships.”

Mark Breuß
Founder, MARK.ONE