Software Testing

What Is a Tester & Why Should You Care About Software Testing?

September 25, 2023

Every application, whether it’s an app, web-app or desktop application, needs to run through different testing phases during the development. These testing phases are usually done by dedicated collaborators called testers. Especially before releasing a new version of your app, it’s crucial to do extensive testing in order to maintain and improve the quality of the application.

Software testing is often underestimated, even though it helps a lot to significantly improve the quality and stability of your applications by finding and resolving bugs before a new version of your app gets shipped to your customers.

In addition to finding and resolving bugs, it’s often useful to collect user-experience feedback whilst testing an application.

What Are the Benefits of Testing?

  • Happier customers: Shipping less bugs leads to a better product, which in return leads to happier customers and therefore a more sustainable business. This should be the goal for every developer.
  • Brings in more profit: Finding and resolving bugs early is far less expensive than fixing bugs later in the process. In the past there have even been cases in which bugs have ruined whole companies or cost lives.
  • Better software quality: Testing apps is crucial if you want to deliver an application that works the way it should right out of the box. Don’t let your customers find and report all the bugs.
  • Improves customer confidence: A well-tested application contains less bugs than an application that has never been tested at all. This means that your customers will experience less problems and have way more confidence in your application.
  • Maintains great user-experience: An important task during software testing is keeping an eye on the user experience. If your application is slow, full of bugs and glitches, not even a stunning user interface design or superb feature will satisfy your customer these days.

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