Meet Kai, the AI bot

The Future of Customer Service Is Here with Gleap’s AI bot 🤖, powered by ChatGPT

Upgrade your customer service with our game-changing AI bot designed to automatically answer customer support questions, reduce support volume and ensure human-like service at the speed of light.

Fully automated

Complete support conversations

Kai answers your customers’ requests in a human-like manner based on your existing knowledge base, FAQ content and feature requests. Kai’s language model is powered by GPT-4.

Meet Kai 👋
Super fast

Instant support resolution

Kai’s automatic answers significantly reduce wait times for your customers and provide immediate assistance.

Get started
Triage conversations with our bot
Easy setup

No-code bot creation

Simply point Kai at your Gleap help center and you’re ready to go in under a minute. No need to train the bot or let alone create new content.

Meet Kai 👋
GPT-4 based customer support bot.
Smooth transition

Seamless handover to human support teams

For more complex questions, Kai allows customers to seamlessly connect with your super-human support teams 🦸.

Keeps getting better

Continuous improvements

As Kai interacts with users, it learns and improves, ensuring an even smarter and more efficient support experience over time.