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Gleap’s marketing automation platform lets you reach customers where they’re most likely to react. Drive higher activation, retention and conversion with targeted in-app messages, emails and banners.

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More than 3,450+ organizations worldwide rely on Gleap.

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Unleash the power of personalization with Gleap’s event-driven marketing automation. Craft effortless and engaging customer journeys.

Outbound messages

Multi-channel engagement

Reach your users where they’re most likely to react: via email, chat or in-app messages, push-notifications or banners. Talk to them live or reach them later.

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Event-based triggers

Advanced targeting

Engage customers by reaching them exactly at the right time with advanced targeting. Craft event-triggered emails and send them with set time delays now or later.

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Easy to use

No-code setup

Set up outbound messages yourself within minutes. No help from your development team required.

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Outbound message templates

Templates to get started

Use one of our outbound message templates to set automated messaging up within seconds or create a custom template according to your own needs.

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“It’s like embarking on a magical journey”

Dive into the world of in-app bug reporting with Gleap. By bridging users and developers, we craft a transformative journey filled with insights at every turn.

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“Gleap is the perfect tool for agencies to collect and manage feedback and issues. It makes projects go smoothly and clients love the shaking gesture to report bugs.”

Théo Hudry

CEO, Minuit Agency

We've switched from UserSnap to Gleap due to its superior features, using it to support various platforms and 75,000+ users.

Gaylan Greenawalt

PM, Airspeed

“Gleap team’s super-fast turnaround time on delivering new feature requests, creates a winning and indispensable combination for the elimination of errors from your code.”

Martin Hardman

Transaction Network Services

“Gleap was implemented within minutes and it is now an essential part of our development process. Gleap helps us to fix bugs in no time and build real customer relationships.”

Mark Breuß

Founder, MARK.ONE

Switching from Intercom to Gleap was a win-win. Superior functionality at a fraction of the cost. It's elevated our user feedback and customer support experience immensely.

Dylan Matthews

CTO, White