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Rebranding Party: Bugbattle becomes Gleap

September 25, 2023

Celebrations are in order. Today is a big day for us and we would love to share our excitement with all of you. Today Bugbattle becomes Gleap and with it, we are entering a new era as a feedback SDK. We feel that our fully-featured tool with bug reporting, feature requests, user ratings and general feedback has outgrown Bugbattle’s original brand identity. Of course, Gleap like Bugbattle embodies flawless bug reports and speedy bug fixing, but it is so much more than that. By the way, special thanks to all of you who helped us decide on our new name.

With Gleap comes so much more than a new name. We now support the whole software development lifecycle. From intuitive bug reporting with annotated screenshots and replay videos to direct follow-ups with your users making sure nothing gets lost in communication, user ratings showing you where your users are at their happiest and informed product development decisions with feature requests submitted and upvoted by your users.

  • Save countless developer hours by fixing bugs 10x faster with flawless bug reports.
  • Discover the features your users really want with feature requests.
  • See how users rate their journey through your website or app.
  • Manage and answer any user question and leave them feeling satisfied with general inquiries.
  • Integrate with your favorite project management tools and ship reports or ratings to your tool of choice in real time. You can now even ship different types of reports to different boards.
  • Keep your branding with a fully customizable and easy-to-use widget.

Last but not least, check out what our team did with Gleap’s fancy redesign. For us renaming had to go hand in hand with rebranding and redesigning. We wanted to show that Gleap isn’t just another SaaS tool, but we are THE customer feedback tool of choice for software teams in app and web development. That’s why we worked together with Daryl from Rejiggle. And what can we say – we LOVE what he did. Daryl did not just create our new logo but he also created the best digital reflection of Gleap we could ask for. We think the design with its vivid colors and illustrations mirrors the busyness of bug reporting and shows how Gleap brings all the facets of customer feedback together. It also perfectly shows how easy it is to communicate through Gleap.

We hope you love the new design and brand as much as we do. We cannot wait to hear what you guys think.

“It’s kind of a magical experience”

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