9 game-changing ways to harness the power of AI in customer support

September 25, 2023

Everyone is talking about AI lately. The most recent developments (enter: OpenAI, ChatGPT) have led to broad discussions on how to leverage the power of AI; with great potential in the world of customer service, too. AI offers a myriad of tools that empower companies to deliver an outstanding customer experience while drastically reducing support volume. In this blog post we will explore nine ways for your business to use these tools. Spoiler: The opportunities reach far beyond the mere possibilities offered by chatbots.

1. Improved workflows for your customers

AI-driven customer support enhances the user experience by offering intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. AI-powered chatbots, virtual assistants, and self-service portals guide customers through their journey, simplifying processes and ensuring they find what they need effortlessly.

Integrating AI bots into customer support operations can increase CSAT scores by up to 20%. With Gleap’s custom bots, you can streamline customer service easily.

2. Reduced response times and answers delivered 24/7

With improved workflows, AI-enabled chatbots and automation make sure that customers receive instant responses to their queries, regardless of the time of day. AI operates 24/7, allowing businesses to provide round-the-clock support without compromising on response times. To get a no-code AI bot for your own business, check out Kai

3. Multilingual support

Yet another factor that will improve your customers’ experiences. Language barriers are no longer an obstacle with AI-powered translation services. AI can seamlessly translate customer queries and responses, enabling businesses to cater to a global customer base and provide support in multiple languages without having to invest extra money. 

4. Proactive recommendations

AI empowers businesses to offer proactive recommendations to customers based on their preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior. This level of personalization fosters customer loyalty and drives additional sales. Additionally, you can use AI tools to generate help center articles or FAQs. That way users can find answers to their questions proactively, further reducing your support team’s workload. 

5. Personalization

From (obviously) addressing customers by their names to offering tailored solutions, AI-driven personalization makes customers feel valued and understood. Research even suggests that customers expect companies to collect historical data and use it to then completely personalize user experiences. AI can do just that by offering help based on previous conversations and  informing users on new features and products based on past purchases.  

6. Reduced support volume

AI tools do not only improve customers’ experiences, but they also make your support agents’ lives easier. By allowing customers to find answers to common queries independently or with chatbots automatically answering queries, support teams can now focus on more complex issues and high-priority cases. Obviously, we also work with our own GPT-powered chatbot when it comes to customer support. Kai automatically answers 60 % of all incoming questions at Gleap. 

7. Improved efficiency for agents

AI additionally augments agents by providing them with real-time information and relevant data during support sessions. AI bots can, for example, summarize conversations so agents do not have to read through all previous interactions or formulate answers to users. This streamlines the support process and equips agents to resolve issues faster, leading to higher customer satisfaction in return.

8. Automated routing and triaging

With precision and speed, AI can analyze the content and context of incoming feedback, ensuring each inquiry is seamlessly routed to the most suitable agent, eliminating manual intervention and leading to faster resolutions. AI can automatically detect the feedback type, effortlessly discerning between bugs, feature requests, and general support queries. That way, technical issues swiftly reach specialized technical support teams, feature requests are directed to product development experts, and general support queries land in the hands of the most qualified team members. 

9. Augmented messaging

While chatbots are amazing at dealing with recurring queries, they might not be able to provide support for more complex questions. That’s where augmented messaging comes in. AI tools, like Kai, then provide a seamless hand-over to human support teams. This way you can get the best of both worlds: personalized and human support combined with automated, AI-powered messaging. 

AI is a game-changer in customer support, offering a multitude of benefits that elevate customer experience to new heights. By embracing the power of AI in customer support, businesses can streamline workflows, reduce response times, and provide personalized round-the-clock support. AI-driven solutions not only improve efficiency for agents but also empower customers to find solutions independently through self-service options. At Gleap we believe that these advancements are necessary to stand out in today's competitive market, driving customer satisfaction and loyalty to unprecedented levels. That’s why we’ve recently introduced Kai together with our custom bot solution. We’ll continue to improve our AI features with you and your users in mind. Watch out for future updates on this topic. 

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